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At the red carpet event: Canada’s Walk of Fame with Ryan Reynolds and Rachel McAdams (at Sony Centre for the Performing Arts)


The grind is real. Crafting some new music for the fans! :)


Jay’s Game (at Rogers Centre)


The beer was more expensive than the ticket #bluejays (at Rogers Centre)


Tanner Fresh - HURT [Video] (Johnny Cash NIN Cover+Remix with Lyrics) from Tanner Fresh on Vimeo.

Tanner Fresh - HURT [Video] (Johnny Cash NIN Cover+Remix with Lyrics)

While I’ve been steadily working on my new album getting the tracklist together and planning to deliver the my exciting next level of material, I’ve been neglecting those that matter, my Freshies…my fans! So here is my fresh spin on a classic song “Hurt”. I’m a huge fan of both the Nine Inch Nails or NIN’s version of Hurt and an even bigger fan of Johnny Cash’s portrayal of hurt. I played the guitar chords and guitar tabs for hurt when developing this track from the bottom up.

If you listen closely you can hear some similarities in the hurt lyrics for NIN and Johnny Cash when compared to the Tanner Fresh version of hurt. Hurt Lyrics touch on the relationship heartbreaks, fixing it and trying to mend the relationship while at the same time being left behind for the next guy. I also wanted to touch on the fact that you can jump to conclusions when in a relationship which was compared to J. Edgar Hoover, founder of the FBI, who often jumped to conclusions when building investigations and he often didn’t respect people’s rights.

This video was filmed in a rustic environment that featured a scenic rock line that matches the Johnny Cash Hurt vibe, Johnny Cash’s voice can be heard in the sample of the hook. I’m playing the guitar and sporting a Vancouver Canucks snapback to represent my Canadian Roots. This Hurt Cover or Remix undergoes a transformation form rock to country, to country rap or country hip hop style of genre.

There isn’t another Johnny Cash Hurt cover or Nine Inch Nails Hurt cover that compares to the hip hop vibe that this “Tanner Fresh - HURT [Video] (Johnny Cash NIN Cover+Remix with Lyrics)” has. I hope everybody enjoys it and keep your eyes peeled for more coming from me!

Tanner Fresh Hurt Lyrics:

Girl, I Didn’t mean to break your heart,
Those weren’t my bad intentions from the start,
If I could Tick the clock back, go-back and restart,
I would, I would, This time I’d play my cards smart,

I’m trying to make ends meet, I’m tryna Be friendly
But the poison on a woman’s lips can be sodeadly
Make a man lust for her non-stop and steady
She whispered in my ear, “Babe I’m finally ready,”

Then it leads to sex, and then angry texts
She’s back with her ex, no longer the best,
I can sit her and pout, but I scream and shout,
The one girl that I knew everything about,

I’m losing my mind, frequently trippin,
I’m Ciphering through whats fact and fiction,
Like J. Edgar Hoover with his false predictions,
Every person in the world has daily Addictions,
My pain sinks deep down I’m hurt,
I’ve become a monster created from dirt?

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Filmed by @TroyJunker and directed/edited by @TannerFresh


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If I still played with #Lego this is what I’d #build!


I’m tuned in again. Watching #Habs & #Tokarski battling #Rangers & #KingHenrik


Habs and Rangers. I’m tuned in again. Watching #Habs & #Tokarski battling #Rangers and #KingHendrik. #NHLplayoffs